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Community Classes Are Back!

I’m so pleased to announce that our Community Classes are back at Marley Hill from Monday 17th May! I will be running Community Classes every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday initially and will look to increase these moving forwards.

The flexibility myth: why you don’t need to be bendy to enjoy Yoga

We love yoga here at yogatri. You probably guessed that already just by looking at our website but it’s true, we love to help spread the benefits of yoga to as many people as possible. There is however a common misconception that yoga is only for the most flexible of people, and that you can only attend a class if you can already touch your toes with your nose.

Keeping fit and active during the school summer holidays.

The school summer holidays are nearly upon us, but whilst it’s great to have the little people running around the house with the burden of constant learning lifted from their little shoulders for a full six weeks, there’s no doubt that it can be a period of hard work for parents, and keeping fit can be difficult.

The Truth About Yoga, Spirituality and Fitness

So you’ve decided to give yoga a try, but now you’re worried about finding the right class for you. It’s understandable, people decide to try yoga for many different reasons, and not all classes cater to everyone’s criteria. At Yogatri, we like to be inclusive and make everyone feel welcome, relaxed and ready to pull some shapes that are both fun and beneficial to your health and fitness.