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My Bio – Debbie Hannant

Throughout my life, I’ve been able to recognise how important it is for the human body and mind to work in unison. From an early age, I’ve become proficient in movement, training in several dance forms and a wide variety of sports, including hockey and netball.

After gaining my dance grades at the age of 18, I felt the need for further self development and studied to become a Fitness Instructor. In addition, I gained some related qualifications along the way, such as Exercise to Music and Fitness Studies, allowing me to lead classes in Aerobics, Circuit Training, Body Conditioning, Aquafit and Stretch and Relax.

In my twenties, I was given a fantastic opportunity to join a cruise ship and go travelling. Even better still, was the chance to incorporate my instructor training and teach onboard. During my time on my travels, I discovered both Pilates and yoga. I loved the precision and alignment Pilates offered. It complemented my dance training beautifully and improved my posture to an amazing extent. Yoga allowed me to free up space inside both my mind and body. I felt the health and relaxation benefits from day one. I was hooked!

Upon returning home, I decided to train in Pilates myself and embarked on a coaching programme with Michael King. Workshops ran by Jayne Nicholls and Rachel Holmes furthered my education. Yoga training with British Wheel of Yoga  Freestyle Fitness Yoga & British School 0f Yoga brought me up to professional level, meaning I was now in a position not only to practice, but to teach.

In 2015, I set up Yogatri, which combines all the wonderful elements of Pilates and yoga. Running my own business has given me the opportunity to be able to share and teach them within my community.

The practices of Pilates and yoga provide the perfect accompaniment to fitness training. The physical and mental health benefits are vast, not only among professionals, but indeed with beginners and even children. As a parent of 2 teenagers I’m thrilled to see them practising yoga, to supplement their other sporting interests such as Rugby, Hockey & Dance.

Self improvement is important to me and I’m currently working on other qualifications to enhance the yoga and Pilates aspects of Yogatri even further.

Wherever you’re at on your journey of these remarkable practices, I’d love to play a part in helping you learn further. 


Debbie Hannant | Yogatri