Yogatri Class Information

Yogatri combines the benefits of yoga, pilates and fitness training to give your body and mind a workout like no other. I run sessions designed to help anyone who takes their sports or training seriously, as well as classes for beginners and mixed-ability groups that include a range of different techniques. For a more personal experience you can even book my studio for a group, or one-to-one, session.

Whether you want to focus on your mobility, inner strength, improve your general wellbeing or simply balance your existing fitness regime, we have a Yogatri class to suit for absolutely everyone.

Please Note: Due to the current situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), every Yogatri class is currently running online with Zoom. Please see the class timetable for available classes, or see the class descriptions below for more information.

Go with the Flow Yoga & Pilates

This session will have elements of both Yoga & Pilates. We will take a gentle warm up to prepare us to work on sequences that will help us flow in movement and breath.

The active, flowing session will enhance your range of motion, cardiovascular health, build strength, relieve stress, and help you to connect with the breath.

Go-Easy Yoga

This Go-Easy Yoga session’s intention is to ease us all into the start of the week. Bringing awareness to our breathing, movement of the body using stretching and gentle strengthening exercises to set us up for the week ahead. Introducing gentle Yoga poses and their benefits.

The session is suitable for all levels and especially absolute beginners, helping us reset for the week ahead.

Pilates Flow

This session is based on the Principles of Pilates: Relaxation, Breathing, Centring, Concentration, Alignment, Co-ordination, flowing movement & Stamina. Every week we will focus on trying to draw attention to one of these principles. The exercises will mainly stem from Pilates mat work principles, however there may be other body conditioning exercise and yoga poses that benefit the structure of the class.

Different variations of the exercises will be demonstrated to benefit all abilities.

Focus/Intention Yoga

This Yoga session will mainly stem from the physical practice of Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga & will have a weekly focus/intention. The purpose of this is to bring variation to your weekly practice. Giving you a better understanding of the benefits and importance of the breathing exercises, poses & exercises that will be involved.

Suitable for all abilities.

Strength & Body Conditioning

This strength & body conditioning session is a full body workout involving muscular strength and endurance to help align, shape and tone your body with a range of body weight exercise techniques that stem from my knowledge in Dance, Sport, General fitness, Pilates & of course Yoga.

Kids Yoga

Yoga allows children to maintain flexibility, strengthen their growing bodies, learn about discipline and responsibility, manage stress and anxiousness, learn to remain present and concentrated and remain peaceful and relaxed.

This Kids Yoga class is suitable for children aged from 4 to 11 years old.

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