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About Yogatri

A uniquely active yet refreshing exercise class, Yogatri combines the benefits of yoga, pilates and fitness training to give your body and mind a workout like no other.

Whether you want to focus on your mobility, inner strength, improve your general wellbeing or simply balance your existing fitness regime, Yogatri classes are suitable for absolutely everyone.

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Meet Debbie

I am an ex-dancer and qualified fitness, Pilates and Yoga coach with over 25 years of experience.

I founded Yogatri in 2015 to bring the limbs of Yoga, the principles of Pilates and fitness together to better benefit the body and mind.

With so many positive aspects and techniques being used together at any one time, I can help you to improve breathing, stamina and mobility, burn fat, tone muscle and actively reduce stress.

In short, Yogatri provides a chance for you to step back from the busy day-to-day, take a deep breath, and focus on mental awareness and self-improvement.