Welcome to Yogatri

We host life-changing yoga and pilates classes for all, helping to increase flexibility, boost energy and improve fitness. Unwind, have fun and feel amazing with yogatri.

How to attend

We currently host Yogatri classes in venues across Newcastle and Gateshead. These general sessions are open to all fitness levels and abilities and we always welcome new attendees. Alternatively, you can arrange for Yogatri founder Debbie Hannant to visit your workplace or even book a private session in the purpose-built Yogatri studio.

What are we up to

Find out about new classes, our latest exciting news and how we’re helping more and more people feel the benefits of yoga and pilates.


Get a better look at what happens in a usual Yogatri class by visiting our up-to-date image gallery.

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Yogatri: yoga, pilates & fitness

Yogatri was founded by Debbie Hannant as a way of bringing together the principles and benefits of yoga, pilates and fitness training. An ex-dancer and professional fitness instructor with over 25 years of experience under her belt, Debbie brings her enthusiasm and love of fitness to the fore in each and every session, ensuring that Yogatri is accessible to all and easy to enjoy.

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