I currently run classes from my Yogatri studio in Whickham,  as well as community classes at Swalwell Community Centre and Marley Hill. I also have online classes running via Zoom which are listed on the timetable.

Please note that you will need to contact me directly if you would like to make a booking for the small group sessions. All other classes can be booked online.

Class Type



Online Classes

Online via Zoom

£6 per single class

Community & Studio classes

Swalwell Community Centre, Marley Hill & Yogatri Studio, Whickham

£7 per single class

1:1 Class

Yogatri Studio, Whickham

£35 per single class

Private Group Class

Yogatri Studio, Whickham


What You Will Need

You will need suitable clothing, a bottle of water, a yoga mat and any other yoga kit you use. There will be a few spare mats & kit available in the community classes and we have all kit available at the Yogatri studio.

Yogatri Class Etiquette

  • In an ideal world, try and arrive 10 minutes before class, in order to prepare yourself.
  • If you do arrive late, please set up quietly with as little disruption as possible.
  • Please could you keep your mobile phones on silent or ideally turned off during class.
  • Please let me know if you have had any recent injuries, illnesses or operations, so I’m aware and can give relevant modifications.
  • Remove footwear & socks, unless you have verrucas or other infections on your feet or toes. This prevents you from slipping and keeps you in the right stance/alignment whilst doing your exercises & poses.
  • Please make sure you have your mat and any other equipment at hand for the class.