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The school summer holidays are nearly upon us, but whilst it’s great to have the little people running around the house with the burden of constant learning lifted from their little shoulders for a full six weeks, there’s no doubt that it can be a period of hard work for parents.

One of the biggest differences you’re likely to find is that you don’t have the same time to work on your exercises whilst looking after bored kids that you normally would during a week in term time. That’s not to say that you won’t be constantly on the go and active, but if you want to take a more focused approach to fitness then you’ll probably struggle to find the same amount of time to practice and feel like you’re keeping on top of things

Never fear though, as we’ve got four very simple ways to help you maximise your time and stay fit in less time during the school holidays:

Get up early

If there’s a particular set of exercises that you partake in, whether it’s yoga, dance fitness or a stint on the treadmill or exercise bike, then you should be able to fit in a good, bite-sized work out by making sure you set your alarm earlier. Being the first member of the household to be up and out of bed will give you the peace and quiet you need to fit in enough exercise to set you up for the rest of the day, whatever it may bring.

Take time to stretch

There’s a tendency when we’re particularly busy or particularly active outside of the gym to hunch our shoulders and slouch. It’s a reflex that feels comforting when you’ve carried four bags of heavy shopping, supervised a rigorous session in the playground and just want to curl up into a ball, but in reality it can be counterproductive to fitness. When you get those little moments of calm in the eye of the storm then taking the time to thoroughly stretch your neck, shoulders, arms and back can make a big difference and relieve tension.

Practice yoga and pilates moves at home

If you want to go one step further than simple stretches to help you to keep limber, then it is worth considering practising some of your favourite and most beneficial yoga and pilates moves at home. Gentle use of the yoga or pilates positions that you know benefit you most will help to keep you relaxed, flexible and in general good shape, especially if you find yourself unable to attend your regular classes.

Get the kids involved

Of course the very best way to make sure that you get the amount of exercise you need to keep fit and healthy whilst the kids are off school is to get them involved! You don’t have to run a small-scale insanity workout session with them, but you can make sure to take them out for long walks or family bike rides every few days. The more fun you can make it for everyone the better, so try and find places in your local area with plenty of fresh air, history and interesting things to do. Who knows, you may even end up starting a tradition that goes beyond the school holidays.

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