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We’ve got some good news for yoga lovers of all sizes, as we’ve just been qualified in children’s yoga by the BSY, The British School of Yoga!

Children’s yoga gives kids a spontaneous, fun and noisy introduction to the world of yoga, and with our new qualification we’re hoping to be able to announce some specialist classes just for kids very shortly, with classes acting as a child-friendly introduction to three principles behind yogatri; yoga, pilates and fitness. All little people are welcome to attend, just so long as they’ve got the hang of standing on their own two feet!

The benefits of regular yoga and pilates sessions for adults are well known by now, with hundreds of people taking up classes with yogatri since our launch in order to improve their muscle tone, cardio-vascular performance and lose weight. What you might not know however, is just how many positive effects yoga and pilates can have for children in all age groups.

As well as all the usual benefits, those who start yoga or pilates at a young age can learn how to use and live with their bodies in a more confident, healthy way, building a stronger sense of body awareness and control then they would otherwise develop. Regular sessions can also help your child to combat strength through this increased control, as they will become more aware of their breathing and movement as well as practicing gentle mediation techniques.

Kids are generally very active in any case, so the benefits of yogatri sessions for youngsters are more focused on a healthier, happier mental state. In fact, yoga and pilates can also help to improve confidence and self-image whilst allowing kids to interact with each other in a fun, stimulating and different environment that challenges them without ever proving impossible. It’s a relaxing, non-competitive activity that builds concentration and gets them away from the TV during the long half-term.

Since the yogatri instructors and course leaders are qualified in what we affectionately call ‘kiddie yoga’, and love nothing more than nurturing a love for yoga and pilates in children of all ages, you can be sure that your little one will be part of a fun, enthusiastic session.

For more information and details on yogatri kids classes as they’re announced, vist yogatri’s classes page.

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